The Alternative Dairy Co. on its perfect partnership with Veneziano Coffee Roasters

The Alternative Dairy Co

The Alternative Dairy Co. always looks to its own backyard to show case the beans that work in harmony with the taste of its plant-based barista milks.

For Rachel Glasbergen, Senior Business Leader for Café and Food Service at The Alternative Dairy Co., a new partnership with Veneziano Coffee Roasters presents a unique opportunity to blend passion for local with a passion for perfection in a cup.

“The synergies of our partnership were very clear, quality products, love of our industry, shared learnings, giving back and overarchingly an amazing team culture and the joy in everything that we do.”

From farms to local cafés, The Alternative Dairy Co.’s Barista Oat Milk is sourced locally from Australian farmers. Rachel says this sense of locality and community is one of the reasons why it united with Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

“The Local Way is The Alternative. For us, there is no alternative to quality that’s why we work with our local farmers to create the best when it comes to The Alternative Oat.”

Similarly, Michael Taylor, National Sales Manager of Veneziano Coffee Roasters, is a firm believer in supporting local producers. He says supporting and working with local companies like The Alternative Dairy Co. ensures the longevity of Australia’s coffee industry.

“They share with us a love for local and quality products and ingredients. We recommend The Alternative Dairy Co. as the dairy alternative of choice to our café clients,” Michael says.

“When the quality’s there and the opportunity to buy Australian is also there, you’ve got to grasp it with both hands.”

Ultimately, it was an easy decision to partner with The Alternative Dairy Co. after a blind taste test.

“Quite simply, we choose to partner with The Alternative Dairy Co. because of the taste. When we put it up against competitors in the market, their milk was the clear winner.”

“Every state has its own identity. To truly embrace the taste of each beverage and help it thrive, we need the support of other companies who share our love for Australian coffee,” Michael says.

He says the partnership between The Alternative Dairy Co. and Veneziano Coffee Roasters is one that came together naturally.

“I think it’s one of those things where you’ve got a local product and passionate people; they just meld seamlessly. Our partnership has great give and take, it’s a constant development of people, coffee, and conversation,” Michael says.

A shared love of the dynamics that the industry brings is part of what unites the two companies.

“One of the things I love about coffee is the challenge that it brings. You constantly find yourself exploring, learning new things, and this is what led us to partner with The Alternative Dairy Co.,” Michael says.

He adds that the partnership extends beyond the industry itself.

“We share a dedication to the community. It was a common theme when we spoke to the team from The Alternative Dairy Co. and really reaffirmed our decision to work with them,” says Michael.

“If you can buy Australian first, you definitely should. With the quality Australian products our two businesses use, it will be a memorable experience.”

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