The Bean Scene Coffee Studio

The Bean Scene Coffee studio in Warragul, Victoria is Bean scene’s special mention café, and not just because they share the same name.

The Bean scene studio has been serving customers in the Gippsland region for the past six years. Owners Lyn and Ian Hynd are passionate about coffee. Lyn began making coffee about nine years ago when she and husband Ian bought their first cafe, and was soon hooked.

When The Bean scene Coffee studio first opened in 2005, Lyn says there was nothing like it in the Gippsland region. Now, as more and more people move to the country, Lyn notes there are higher expectations of coffee and The Bean Scene Coffee Studio believes they are meeting those expectations and have lifted the trend.

A sign on the wall reads: ‘no strangers here, only friends that we haven’t met yet’. Lyn says this is exactly the type of environment they strive to achieve: a comfortable atmosphere for locals and new customers alike to form friendships while enjoying a coffee.
“We want to make people feel like it’s their cafe, where they can relax,” Lyn says. “It’s a casual, friendly place with great staff. You will always get a smile and a laugh from us.”

Lyn, along with Head Barista Lesley Burgess put their passion and skill into every cup. A wide range of coffee styles are avilable but Lyn notes the most popular are still the traditional lattes and cappuccinos.

“We don’t serve meals, only coffee and small cakes, so we have to get the coffee right,” Lyn says. The ultimate test of coffee comes from their customers. “We let people be the judge of our coffee,” Lyn says.
The signature blend of coffee is a medium roast of South American and Colombian beans with a tinge of Java, roasted in Melbourne. Lyn describes the coffee as “very smooth, full-bodied”, with hints of chocolate that goes well with black and milk-based drinks.

Thirty different coffees are available to purchase at the café, including Rainforest alliance single origin, shade-grown coffee from Bali, Indonesia and South America.
A large coffee retail outlet with more than 1500 line items of coffee equipment accompanies the café, selling machines, grinders, barista equipment accessories and coffee beans.

Looking to pass on her knowledge to future baristas, Lyn runs a training school called Bean Learning that offers group sessions for staff and the home barista, covering everything from grinding coffee to espresso, milk texturing and latte art.
“I love the whole coffee making process,” Lyn says. “I am continually learning every day, when I am making coffee, talking to customers or teaching students. Come in and see us next time you are in Warragul.”

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