The Boatshed café and bar

There’s nothing quite like overlooking a beautiful lagoon, watching kayaks glide across the glass-like water and early risers walking their dogs as you sip a coffee.

At The Boatshed Café, that’s exactly the picture-perfect scenary visitors can expect. “Every chair in the café has a view of the lagoon,” says Owner Peter Kritsotakis.

The café is situated just metres from Narrabeen Lagoon in Narrabeen. The building was established 11 years ago when Peter’s father Jim, who has worked in hospitality for the past 45 years, opened Limani Seafood Restaurant upstairs. In 2012 the downstairs café was sold to Peter and his father, and the pair have since worked hard to turn the space into a relaxing coffee oasis.

The café attracts a hive of sporting activities, including paddle boarders, kayakers, daily walkers, runners and cyclists who utilise the 10-kilometre bike track that circles the lagoon. “It’s an adventurous hub and a family-friendly area, that’s what creates our personality,” says Peter.

Dogs are also welcome, with an outdoor seating area and water bowls to cater to all pooch’s needs.

The Boatshed Café uses Grinders’ Giancarlo blend, which they have done so since the day they opened. “I knew we needed something new and premium for our café. I tested a few different types of brands, but Grinder’s stood out. It was the best fit for our business and the fact that it’s roasted fresh with a quick delivery time is great,” says Peter.

The Giancarlo blend is smooth and full-bodied, which caters to the majority of milk-based coffees The Boatshed Café sells through their resilient Rancilio three-group machine. “We’re really happy with the flavour of the coffee, and most importantly our customers love it. We’re busier than ever and that’s largely thanks to our coffee,” says Peter. “We’ve got an uninterrupted unique position, surrounded by bush and the beautiful lagoon. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Sydney, you could be anywhere.”

A healthy start to the day can begin with The Boatshed Café’s green smoothie, followed by range of lunch options including grilled fish with salad.

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