The BOD: cold brew simplified

The BOD by BodyBrew is a great new cold brew coffee system.

It features an attractive and minimalist design. It’s compact, modular, portable and spill-proof.

The BOD infuses coffee grounds in cold water and produces a super concentrated coffee extract. This device is ideal for making hot or iced coffee drinks in seconds.

To make the perfect brew, add coarse ground coffee to the stainless steel micro-mesh filter basket, twist-lock it onto the base, thread the brew chamber onto the base, and add water. After 12 to 24 hours, flip the BOD to allow the extract chamber to fill up with the cold brew concentrate. The easy pour-twist cap helps keep the brew fresh in the fridge and ready to serve anytime.

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The BOD is distributed in Australia by Coffee Tools Distributing.

For sales enquiries contact or call 0416 641 722

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