The Coffee Club inducted into Queensland’s Hall of Fame

The Coffee Club

Global franchise The Coffee Club, which was founded in Queensland, has been inducted by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame on 28 October.

his comes in conjunction with The Coffee Club’s 32 birthday on 2 November.

This award was established to recognise industry leaders that have made an incredible public contribution to the reputation of Queensland and its social and economic development.

According to The Coffee Club it has been inducted in recognition of its “successful development from Australia’s leading coffee retail business into a major, thriving international brand through sustained entrepreneurship.”

“This is a great Queensland success story. We’re now in 13 countries and nearly 500 stores, you know which makes us not only Australia’s biggest café chain by a long way but, I think a global player increasingly. It just shows the power of the brand and the way we’re able to bring really a taste of Australian lifestyle to many different people around the world,” says Nick Bryden, CEO of The Coffee Club.

The company has been a staple for many Queenslanders, Australians, and customers globally, with the franchise “powered” by the dedication of its three founders and the franchise family that creates a Happy Place for customers to find refuge in every single day.

“Myself, Emmanuel Kokoris, and Emmanuel Drivas are most thankful for the amazing people we work with as franchisees, not only in Australia but in the 13 countries we trade in today,” says John Lazarou, Co-Founder of The Coffee Club.

“Their commitment and loyalty to our brand and our customers is exactly the same as it was when we opened our first store in 1989. We’ve come a long way, but our offering of good food, great service and excellent coffee is still very much the same 31 years later.”

Founded in 1989 by friends who were seeking the perfect cup of coffee in Brisbane, The Coffee Club is built on the trusted Greek philosophy of “Philoxenia”, or being a friend to the stranger. This is why it is a trusted brand dedicated to delivering “Good Food, Great Service, and Excellent Coffee”.

“The business is looking forward to a fantastic year to come, with exciting new ventures just around the corner,” says The Coffee Club.

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