The Coffee Entrepreneur

Coffee Entrepreneur

At age 22, Instaurator stumbled into coffee roasting after working in a dead-end job in a warehouse and failing to gain entry into university.

At age 27, he was appointed CEO of a business and fulfilled his dream of travelling to various countries in Asia, the Americas, and Europe as a self-employed coffee entrepreneur.

He has built up businesses, adding hundreds of millions of dollars in equity for their owners. In 2004, Instaurator was appointed Executive Director of the World Barista Championship in Trieste, Italy, and a few years later, was practically bankrupt. He began a new start-up business called Espressology in 2008, which has gone on to succeed.

Read about Instaurator’s journey in his new book, The Coffee Entrepreneur, available on Amazon, Kindle, ibooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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