The Coffee Man to achieve simultaneous global screening on 1 October

To celebrate International Coffee Day on 1 October, The Coffee Man film will run 19 screenings simultaneous across the globe.

To date, The Coffee Man Film has been screened around around 93 times around the world, and this next event on 1 October aims to round the number up past 100 screenings.

The film will be viewed in Europe; including Slovenia, Russia, The Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic and Greece; Asia, including Vietnam, Malaysia and China; and the United States, including Los Angeles, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“This event will help connect the worldwide coffee community through a shared love of coffee and film,” Film Producer Roland Fraval says.

“To have our 100th screening on International Coffee Day is a nice little bit of serendipity. Having such a diverse groups of countries screening the film in one day is such an amazing things to see, and is a testament to the fact that the story the film tells really is a universal one. We love Sasa’s story, and it seems the rest of the world does too.”

To get further involved on 1 October, post your best The Coffee Man film-watching images and videos on Facebook and tag @thecoffeemanfilm to continue sharing the event around the world.

The Coffee Man explores the world of specialty coffee and the lengths one man will go to for coffee nirvana. The journey takes the viewer from the farm to cup, to the dizzying heights of international competition, where Ona Coffee’s Sasa Sestic will win at any cost.

Sasa, a former immigrant from war-torn Bosnia found international acclaim of a different kind when he first moved to Australia in 1996, by representing his new country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Meeting heroes such as Cathy Freeman gave Sasa a taste of victory that would live with him until 15 years later, when he outclassed competitors from almost 52 countries to win 2015 World Barista Championship title in Seattle.

There’s still time to get involved and add Australia to the global screening list on 1 October. Simply email Roland at

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