The Coffee Man to make world premiere 18 May

A movie documenting Sasa Sestic’s 2015 World Barista Championship (WBC) win will make its world premiere in Australia on 18 May.

Titled, “The Coffee Man”, the film explores the world of specialty coffee and the lengths Sasa went to in pursuit of the world championship title in Seattle, United States.

The movie sees Sasa trekking across the globe from Ethiopia to Colombia to Seattle, searching for the best beans, smuggling milk into the US, and outclassing almost 52 competitors on the world competition stage.

Filmmakers Jeff Hann and Roland Fraval from Jeraff Productions merely intended to document how far one person would go to source the perfect cup of coffee. However, their film took an interesting new direction once Sasa won the Australia Barista Championship and then went on to win the WBC.

“As documentary filmmakers, cinema magic is often created when you have no idea what the outcome will be. We had the raw ingredients: one man, with a powerful passion to produce the best tasting coffee,” says Director of The Coffee Man Jeff Hann.

The Coffee Man, thanks to sponsors including Riverina Fresh, will be released nationally to cinemas via Tugg, a cinema on demand platform. In this format, Australians or community organisations can use their local cinema to view one-off screenings of independent and niche movies.

Tugg will manage all back-end logistics with the nominated cinema. The only commitment hosts need to manage is the promotion and selling of 50 tickets via social media networks or café posters. Hosts will get to keep 5 per cent of ticket sales from the screening, which may be donated to a charity. If the threshold of 50 tickets is not reached, no charges will be inflicted and the screening will simply be cancelled.

“Australia is full of people with coffee running through their veins. Whether you own a café, you’re a barista or just a coffee-tragic, we believe many people will want to host a screening of The Coffee Man,” says CEO of Tugg Australia David Doepel. “For business owners, I especially see it as a great way to engage with their loyal customers outside of their café, and that’s an ideal way to cement relationships that are built during the day over a coffee.”

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View the official trailor of The Coffee Man below.

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