The Daily Café Espresso Bar

Located in a 160-year-old building, The Daily Café is making headlines. Named appropriately as an ode to its origins as a former newsagency, owner Laurence Greenfield says the coffee bar resembles a “Melbourne city style café, but with a Perth touch”.

From day one, Laurence says the focus has been on offering high quality espresso. The coffee bar serves pour over and cold drip coffee, and coffee education on the side.

“There’s a slow emergence of cafés in Perth but it mainly lacks education. People know where to get good coffee but not necessarily know how it came to be,” says Laurence. “I want to show people that journey from source to cup.”

Along with business partner Charlie Galbally, the two coffee aficionados opened The Daily Café in the western suburbs of Perth last year. The espresso bar is complete with wooden furnishings, exposed bricks, bar chairs and hesham bags.

The Daily Café works closely with Five Senses roasters and together they sample and cup green beans to select the very best for blends.

The current Daily Café house blend consists of a three-part Guatemalan, Sumatran and Ethiopian Sidamo coffee. Laurence says the blend is “bold, intense with black cherry, orange notes and a complex finish”.
“We also use the same philosophy as chefs and change the coffee regularly to match each new season and to suit the customer’s changing senses,” Laurence says.

For variety, the café features alternating blends and single origins from Proud Mary and five senses.

“It’s so important to showcase different styles because different roasters have different ideas and different ways of treating their green beans. It’s important for our customers to experience this,” says Laurence.
Tasty delights to accompany the coffee includes a range of cakes, sandwiches and muffins baked fresh each day.
For now, the Wellington ex-pat says he’s more than happy to continue his profession behind their synesso Hydra Generation 2. “We offer a warm, friendly vibe in a community hub and I enjoy the interaction with locals,” he says. “I’m looking to be part of the next decade of coffee in Perth.”

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