The Grounds and Coffee Treasures to present Best of Panama record breaking coffee

Best of Panama

The Grounds Roastery, in partnership with Coffee Treasures, will host a Best of Panama Sensory Showcase at The Grounds of Alexandria in New South Wales at 6:30pm on 21 November.

The event will include tastings of Wilford Lamastus’s Elida Estate Geisha Green Tip washed, which with a score of 94.66 points is the highest scoring coffee in Best of Panama history.

The Sensory Showcase will also feature two other award-winning coffees from the 2018 Best of Panama, the Esmerelda Special El Velo washed, and the Elida Geisha Green Tip natural, which broke the Best of Panama highest auction price record at US$803 (A$1130) per pound.

At the event, The Grounds Roastery Coffee Trainer and licensed Q Grader Andrew Hunt will guide a sensory experience, where participants will hear from the award winning coffee farmers themselves through video.

The Grounds Executive Chef Paul McGrath will present a curated selection of petits fours, designed to highlight the unique notes of each coffee.

“I’m so excited by this event, it’s something that really hasn’t been done in the coffee industry and with our unique skill sets here at The Grounds we have the opportunity to create a sensory experience with coffee that is completely unique,” The Grounds Head Roaster Nick Ferguson says.

Tickets cost $120 per person.

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