The Hunu pocket rocket

Coffee Tools Distributing has launched a collapsible reusable cup that ticks all the boxes for a sustainable and practical product that can be taken anywhere on-the-go.

The first thing Coffee Tools Distributing Director Curtis Arnold did when the first batch of Hunu reusable cups arrived was test if the product did what it claimed to do: fit in your pocket.

“It really did. It’s a lightweight, good sized cup that collapses down easily and does slide into my pocket. Here at Coffee Tools Distributing, we don’t sell anything we don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves, and this product is no exception,” Curtis says.

“I had bought all the other collapsible coffee cups on the market to compare it with, and Hunu really does stand on its own for being a truly slim fit, sturdy enough to hold coffee, and portable. It’s ideal for anyone wanting coffee on the go. You can keep it in your pocket, put it in your bag, or leave it in your car or caravan until you next need it.”

Vince Dickson and Megan Williams created Hunu after being alarmed by the sheer volume of single-use cups sent to landfill each day. They went looking for a reusable cup and decided to create their own, edging on the side of convenience. It needed to be big enough to hold a coffee and small enough to fit into a pocket – at just two centimetres where fully collapsed.

The cup is made from durable, food-grade silicon, and the lid from bamboo fibre. It comes with a heat insulating band and has a built-in plug to ensure the product is leak proof when folded down. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher proof due to the non-porous silicone material.

The cup is available in nine-ounce or 265-millilitres, which Curtis says is best suited to the needs of the Australian market, with other size options available soon.

The Hunu is just two centimetres wide when collapsed.

Curtis spends a lot of time scanning the international market for new and exciting products. He reads coffee periodicals and deep dives into anything he thinks could be a match for Australian coffee lovers at Coffee Tools Distributing. So, when Curtis came across Hunu on Kickstarter, he backed it, reached out to its founders, and ordered samples right away.

“It’s commonly known that disposable products have a big impact on landfill and the environment, so to find a sustainable product such as Hunu really does tie in with our sustainability goals at Coffee Tools Distributing,” Curtis says.

In addition, the company has been donating to the Trillion Trees project for a couple of years, a non-profit organisation with a mission to bring people together to plant and grow trees to achieve a healthy and biodiverse environment.

Coffee Tools Distributing planted one tree for each of its customers this past Christmas. Curtis is also proud to have joined One Per cent for the Planet this year, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through everyday actions.

Coffee Tools Distributing is also gearing up to exhibit at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in September and will present Hunu cups along with its full range of best-selling products including the AeroPress Coffee Makers and Wacaco’s Minipresso and Nanopresso. It will also be featuring some exciting new ones.

“We love exhibiting at MICE. We always bring a really exciting product to promote, and this year will be no different,” Curtis says.

“Until then, I really have a positive outlook on the year ahead. We’re so lucky to be in Australia. Things are going well, we have a great range of products to talk about and can’t wait for Australia to discover Hunu.”

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