The Juggler debuts at Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo

Six Simple Machines is continuing to educate consumers on the issues of milk wastage within the hospitality industry by sponsoring the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE).

From 10 – 11 August in Sydney, Six Simple Machines showcased the The Juggler milk on tap dispensing unit to help reduce the amount of waste generated from the trade show.

“AWRE has launched a great initiative called Towards Zero Landfill, which aims to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill year on year from the show. We really connected with this idea and given The Juggler helps to reduce milk waste and saves up to 80 per cent of plastic waste We were really happy to play our part,” says Ben Curtis of Six Simple Machines.

AWRE is an annual event that offers professionals in the waste and recycling industry an opportunity to showcase innovation, and attend high quality, practical waste and recycling management seminars on key topics.

This was Six Simple Machines’ first time supporting the event.

“Basically, we just wanted to educate people and demonstrate there are good ways to cut back on waste, while improving a barista’s workflow at the same time,” Ben says. “We’ve already received good comments about the look of The Juggler and how baristas using it seem to ‘punch through coffees faster.’ Mostly, people were surprised that milk on tap hadn’t been available for cafés until recently, but now that it is, ‘it just makes sense.’”

The Juggler is the first milk dispensing system designed specifically for use in a busy café environment. Milk is stored in 10-litre bags that can be loaded into the system, such that 80 litres of milk can be dispensed from the taps without the need to reload the fridge.

The 2016 Juggler model features a robust tap, and redesigned pump and control modules that are better suited to a harsh café environment.

For more than 400 cafés across the country, The Juggler provides savings opportunities that are easily quantifiable in dollar terms, but also adds value to businesses in many ways that are difficult to quantify. This includes positive comments from café customers, and improvements in the speed of service, resulting in more coffee sales.

To date, The Juggler has helped save more than four million plastic milk bottles, which significantly contribute to landfill.

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