The Lab Food and Coffee

For anyone with severe caffeine cravings, Adelaide’s The Lab Food and Coffee is ready with your prescription.

In fact, this exciting new take on the Adelaide café scene provides its cures in an array of delightful shapes and sizes.

From smooth lattes served in beakers to refreshing home made cold drip arriving in flasks, this new coffee hub is as much an experience as it is a café. The cure is served with a friendly smile and baristas ready to educate on quality coffee.

Medical equipment adorns the café shelves with old medicine bottles and anatomy dictionaries providing a unique medical-themed fusion.

The Lab is the brainchild of Australian Medical Placements Director, Jodi Duyster, who manages the upstairs medical placements company, and the building’s owner, David Tonellato.

According to Café Manager Amy Limmer, Jodi saw a lack of support for coffee in the area, and has since transcended her love of medicine and science into a coffee lab – with a few twists. It’s only been open eight weeks, but Amy says locals have been very receptive.

“I’ve worked in hospitality for 10 years and I’m a massive foodie at heart, so I was very excited to come on board to manage The Lab,” she says.

A Mocopan Coffee custom blend slides through the Nuova Simonelli machine, providing a crisp finish.

“It’s beautiful, rich and a little bitter which complements the sweet tones. It’s a drink customers come back for every day,” Amy says. “Adelaide’s coffee scene now rivals anywhere in Australia, so we know we need to stay ahead of the game, and Mocopan is they key for us. They’ve provided us with quality training and show us how to prepare beautiful brews.”

Visitors who can’t get enough of The Lab’s coffee can now treat themselves with bags of Mocopan Coffee’s custom blend available at the counter. Nearby businesses can also order lunch box orders with tasty menu treats.
Resident Chef Yani Theodoros serves a seasonal and rotating menu with fresh produce.

Highlight items include grilled sweetcorn fritters, blueberry hotcakes served with flowers, and drizzled with maple syrup. Then there’s The Lab’s famous burgers. The first bite of either the Wagyu beef or chicken schnitzel burgers is necessary to understand why they are so popular. 

As for Amy, her love simply revolves around coffee.

“There’s something satisfying about perfecting each cup,” she says. “I love that feeling of watching a customer taking a first sip of coffee, it gives me goosebumps.”

Image: Adelaide Food Central

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