The Nutramilk

For health conscious individuals or dairy-free consumers with allergies, the variety of choices is broader than ever before: soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, the list goes on.

But what about nut milk? Products currently available on the market tend to lie low on the emphasis of “nut” milk with less than 3 per cent nuts actually represented in some lists of ingredients. This tends to dilute the flavour profile, along with the added sweeteners, emulsifiers, colours, and flavours, which are neither necessary or beneficial to your health. But the nut milk game is about to change.

Brewista has launched NutraMilk, a new nut processor designed to make the process of creating alternative milks and butters incredibly fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Traditional methods of nut milk require you to soak, wait, blend, and strain the nuts. It’s messy and time consuming, but not with NutraMilk. Simply add your favourite nuts (macadamias, pecans, cashews, roasted hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, whatever you like), press a button, and in just a few minutes, the nuts will blend together into a smooth, delicious butter. To create nut milk, (depending on the type of nut) simply add water, mix, dispense, and enjoy.

NutraMilk will replace expensive carton nut milk options and provide your café’s business with in-house, healthy, fresh alternatives that are great for use in lattes or smoothies, or as a nut butter.

Cafés are always looking for that “one” thing to stand out from the crowd and have an upper edge on surrounding venues, and the NutraMilk is that very thing in 2018. It’s perfect for cafés who want to control their costs and the quality of produce they serve to customers. Better yet, it’s great when you can tell staff: “We made this ourselves.” You can make a single nut milk or get creative and design a blend of your favourite nuts for a unique flavour profile with no added flavours, colours, or additives. If you’re time-poor, make a couple of litres of NutraMilk in less than 15 minutes to store in the fridge. Why stop there? Use it in savoury or confectionery cooking for extra added value to your menu. With just a little bit of effort and experimenting, this little unit will pay for itself within a few short months.

After more than three years in development, NutraMilk is the only design of its kind (global design and utility patents pending) and is already winning product design awards across a range of industries.

Try NutraMilk for yourself and see the value it can add to your business. For more information, contact Bombora on 1300 724 249 or visit

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