Tiger Oceania explains its consistent and quality service

Tiger Oceania

Tiger Oceania explains how its position as the official distributor of Eversys in Oceania translates to offering a consistent and quality service to customers.

When entrepreneur George Miller had a vision in 1987 to supply great coffee through technology and innovation to the British market, he didn’t realise how much demand there was worldwide for a total solutions provider.

George created First Choice Coffee in the United Kingdom, sold it, then headed Down Under with his family to do it all again, this time with Tiger Coffee Pty Ltd, trading as Tiger Oceania. Starting in Australia in 2008, George commenced the company’s journey into the South Pacific, and the Tiger brand became an entity that is now the official distributor of Eversys in the Oceania region.

“We pride ourselves on being with the customer the whole way, providing not just great coffee machines, but sales solutions, customer support, as well as growth and maintenance opportunities. With Tiger, you’re really getting the complete package,” says George, Tiger Oceania CEO.

“We are the only coffee machine service provider that can reach you wherever you are with our own factory trained technicians. We do this for national contracts and meet our call-out deadlines 99 per cent of the time on average.”

George says he and his team are at the cutting edge of supplying, servicing, and maintaining automated coffee, milk and water solutions to the sophisticated palate of coffee lovers in this region.

“The service of coffee has come a long way in the last two decades and the experience gained from embracing old world rituals around the making of espresso and milk-based drinks like café latte, cappuccino or the infamous flat white, as well as cold coffee recipes using the most advanced technology, is still a story to be told,” he says.

“If you are considering embracing the most innovative and technologically advanced professional coffee equipment available, the delivery of a transparent, fully comprehensive win-win contract is what the Tiger Oceania regional experience has evolved into.”

George says he is extremely proud that the Australian market now has one of the largest national fleets of Eversys coffee machines connected to telemetry.

Tiger Oceania National Business Development Manager David Lagana says the service the company provides starts from the moment he engages with clients.

“[Our consistent approach to business] is about understanding the customers’ needs to determine how we can best serve them and support them with a package that fulfils their requirements,” he says.

“Key to achieving that is connectivity. Features like two-way telemetry are unique online data analysis tools that allow for remote software integration, coffee profiling, milk monitoring and water management, as well as accommodating payment systems and contactless solutions.”

David says customers tend to lean on Tiger’s industry expertise and knowledge, and trust the company to offer the best solutions possible.

Telemetry and Coffee Manager Paul Crossland] on board to deliver the greatest telemetry results is a testament to how much we’ve grown as a company and how much we value our client’s feedback,” he says.

Paul says data from February to August 2023 shows that Tiger has completed almost 300 jobs through telemetry, with 79.72 per cent of these being resolved without requiring a technician on-site. He says this speeds up the response time and enhances customer satisfaction.

“Telemetry revolutionises your coffee experience, effortlessly introducing new recipes and optimising extraction times across our Eversys machines,” he says.

“Beyond this, data-driven insights enable us to anticipate your needs, ensuring seamless coffee production by predicting filter replacements, and offering innovative solutions.”

In 2012, Tiger initiated a partnership with Coles Supermarket Group, installing more than 200 self-serve coffee machines at Coles Express, now called Viva Energy. Today, almost 1000 Eversys models adorn Viva Energy Fuel locations and Coles supermarkets nationwide.

Tiger is also committed to innovative customer solutions. Before the 2020 Eversys Cameo launch, it deployed a fleet of its own Tiger Milk bladder fridges, saving 30,000 plastic bottles weekly. It conserved water and energy, and reduced cleaning time from 25 to nine minutes. This also translates into weekly power savings, approaching one million dollars annually, says Paul.

Tiger’s commitment to adaptability is also evident. When Viva Energy sought iced coffee and customer-focused ads, Tiger updated its entire fleet via laptop software.

Tiger Oceania looks forward to increasing its pawprint across the Pacific region, and giving clients and their customers a consistent, high quality specialty coffee experience.

“As automation is now readily accepted and accessible worldwide, we always have our finger on the pulse,” George says.

“At Tiger Oceania, we craft an unparalleled coffee experience that combines innovation, sustainability, and customer engagement. Join us on this exciting journey.”

For more information, visit tigeroceania.com

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