Tilly Sproule wins Northern Region Barista Championship back to back

Tilly Sproule of Queensland’s Tim Adams Specialty Coffee has won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Northern Region Barista Championship for the second year in a row.

Stuart Law of Pablo & Rusty’s placed second and Dom Chicoteau of Seven Miles Coffee Roasters placed third in the barista event, which took place from 8 – 9 October at Extraction Artisan Coffee in Slacks Creek, Queensland.

“I’m so proud to take out the title for the second year in a row and represent Queensland in the semi finals at nationals in March next year,” said Tilly. “It’s such an honour.”

For her routine, Tilly shared two coffees with the judges, one from the Gucienda Estate in Kenya, the other from Las Chispita in Costa Rica.

“The most wonderful part was that they were the same varietal SL-28, which brought such complex flavour profiles, like red currants, macerated cherries, and the mouthfeel was super silky, just beautiful,” Tilly said.

For her presentation, Tilly spoke about traceability and transparency. She says it was a great connection to explore in an accurate and personal way, given the coffees were both 100 per cent traceable.

“Transparency in not only sourcing the coffee but building relationship. We, as baristas, can connect farmer to consumer. It was such a great feeling to share this with my judges, coffee professionals and also the community here in Queensland,” she said.

For Tilly’s signature drink, she showcased how transparent the SL-28 varietal from Costa Rica was by adding ingredients such as a plum and panela syrup, and nebiola grape juice to recreate the flavours from her Kenyan coffee.

Tilly says without a doubt the support from her “amazing team” at Tim Adams Specialty Coffee played a big role in her back to back success.

“I have been surrounded by such a great support crew during the training process and on the day. It makes the biggest difference having a team around you. I felt relaxed and focused as I walked on stage,” she said.

In the ASCA Northern Region Pura Latte Art Championship, Emily Coumbis of Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters impressed the judges with her creativity in the cup, winning first place, followed by Gera Davison of Oneone4 placing second, and Jagan Gillet of Wheel and Steam placing third.

On the second day of competition it was time for the Sunshine State and Northern Territory’s most accurate and fastest cuppers to slurp their way to victory.

Proving her eye – or palate – for detail was Merryn Ward of Woodmans Axe Espresso, winning the ASCA Northern Region Cup Tasters competition. Andrew Doan of Veneziano Coffee Roasters placed second, and Robbie Lynch, Head Roaster and Barista of Mantle Group, placed third.

Marcus Allison of Bunker took out the ASCA Northern Region Brewers Cup title, followed by Danny Andrade of host venue Extraction Artisan Roasters in second place, and Barry Newell of Warehouse Barista Training in third place.

All northern regional winners will now compete at the ASCA Nationals, taking place from 30 March to 1 April 2017 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

Special thanks goes to the ASCA QLD competition team, including President Brent Williams, Veneziano Coffee’s Leigh Michelmore, and Grinders Coffee’s Michaela Gerrard, all Head Judges, emcees, volunteers, audio, and the host venue on a great two days of competition, and to sponsors SilverChef, Grace Taylor Coffee and ACM Roaster Supplies, to which these events would not be possible without.

For more information visit www.australianspecialtycoffee.com.au

Image credit: Photographer Brie Lucas.

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