Tilly Sproule wins Rising Star in 2019 Women in Coffee Awards

Tilly Sproule

Tilly Sproule of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee has been named the 2019 Rising Star in the Eleonora Genovese Women in Coffee Awards. 

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) in collaboration with the Genovese family presented Tilly with the award on 9 February at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. 

“There are so many amazing women in our industry and to be not only nominated but then trusted to receive this award, is such an honour and it is a humbling feeling to share this award with Gina [Di Brita, 2019 Eleonora Genovese Australian Coffee Woman of the Year] in Eleonora’s honour,” Tilly says.

“I honestly can’t find words to explain this feeling.”

The Eleonora Genovese Women in Coffee Awardsrecognise the many contributions Eleonora Genovese made to the Australian coffee community. The Rising Star award is presented to an up and coming industry female who has made a great impression in their field of work, regardless of their length of time in the industry.

“Honestly, I was blown away that my name was [even] on the nominee list. I feel so supported by our industry, but most importantly my team at Tim Adams Specialty Coffee for their encouragement, belief and pushing me to be better. I have a long list of people who I respect and look up to, and it’s honestly an extremely special feeling knowing that I could potentially be on someone else’s list,” Tilly says.

When she was announced as winner of the award, Tilly says she was completely lost for words.

“I was honestly trying to hold back the tears, I was speechless. I felt extremely proud and in total shock hearing my name called out. There were so many amazing women nominated, all [of whom] I look up to and admire greatly, so it is an honour to receive this award for Rising Star,” she says.

Tilly began her career in coffee a little more than 10 years ago, working part-time while studying at University. She entered her first ASCA coffee competitions five years ago, and has won the Northern Region Barista Championship the last four consecutive years.

“I have been in coffee for many years now but I believe receiving this award has sparked a little light in me to give back more than I ever have. To be the Rising Star, and motivate and inspire others, not just women but all baristas, to reach for their dreams and for them to truly trust that we all can [be] and are rising stars in our field,” Tilly says.

Tilly encourage other women on the rise in the Australian coffee industry to not hold themselves back, and step outside the box.

“Don’t ever doubt what you truly believe, trust yourself and your skills. Believe in your dreams and strive for them. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back,” Tilly says.

“I would love to encourage as many women as possible to give ASCA competitions a go. If you are inspired by a routine or a message, contact that coffee professional and spark a conversation. Our industry is all about community and connection, and I believe in supporting each other, men and women.”

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