Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane

With stores in Sydney, Singapore and Brooklyn, it was time for leading speciality coffee roasters Toby’s Estate to bring their unique touch to Australia’s coffee capital, with the opening of their Flinders Lane store.

“We’re on a mission to share Toby’s Estates’ passion for fine brews with Melbourne’s coffee enthusiasts,” says Café Manager Paul Schliewe.

The café is situated in a Romanian heritage building, with a focus on creating a light-filled and relaxed space for coffee lovers to escape the pace of city life. The café has embraced its new location with large windows looking onto the hive of activity that occurs down Flinders Lane.

Paul has been working in the coffee industry for eight years. Formerly a Head Barista from Sydney, Paul jumped at the chance to relocate to Melbourne to manage the new Flinders Lane café. “It’s a dream come true to work in such a coffee-focused city,” he says. “It’s a rite of passage to come and open a store in here to introduce Melbourne to our take on the coffee craft.”

Inside the venue is a brew island where customers can try a V60, Siphon, Chemex. Aeropress, or simply just admire the store’s signature piece – a Kees van der Westen Spirit Mirage. Toby’s Estate’s Flinders Lane café runs 20 different single origins on rotation each day, including the Finca Santa Teresafrom Panama, and La Trinidad, a single origin blend of three different processes of Santa Clara beans – honey, washed and natural.

The Flinders Lane venue uses the Brunswick blend for their signature offering. “This blend is roasted for Melbourne and only available in Melbourne,” says Paul. “It has proved to be extremely popular and has developed a reputation as a solid easy-drinking brew. Our coffee profile is somewhat different to what people might expect – lighter roast with floral notes, more acidic, and a bit spicy.”

At the back of the venue is The Toby’s Estate Melbourne Espresso School, offering a range of classes for the home barista right through to accredited courses for professionals. Cupping classes are held in store to help coffee lovers explore the speciality coffee landscape.

Head Chef Allan Buist leads a menu full of food offerings, including gingerbread waffles with lemon curd, and green eggs and ham. Allen has also created a selection of coffee-inspired foods including the Woolloomooloo brownie and fudge slice, which uses Finca Santa Teresa beans.

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