Toby’s Estate to hold Swirl Club Finale

Toby’s Estate Swirl Club

Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters has announced the 2023 Swirl Club Finale will be held on Thursday 16 November at its Alexandria Warehouse from 5pm to 9pm.

With six unique rounds, Swirl Club is more than just a latte art smackdown competition. Baristas go head-to-head in a knockout format testing their day to day skills from dialling in to making orders.

The first-place prize includes $15,000 cash, second-place prize includes $10,000 cash and $5000 cash will be awarded to third-place, plus goodies from event sponsors for placing.

Toby’s Estate requests competitors arrive by 4pm for practice and warm up sessions.

To purchase a ticket, click here. For more information on Toby’s Estate, click here.

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