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No barista? No worries. Service Sphere’s Maurizio Marcocci shares the best automated office coffee machines that combine convenience and quality without leaving your desk.
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Everyone deserves good coffee. However, for many office workers, access to professional equipment and skilled baristas is restricted.

Some choose to make their own morning coffee at home and try not to spill it on the peak-hour train. Others enjoy revert to drive-through options, while some commit to getting up 15 minutes earlier just to detour to their regular café in order to start the day right. But this option is costly, and often time consuming.

Then comes the afternoon slump with little to no extra time to exit the building or convince the boss that taking a 15-minute coffee break won’t turn into half an hour.

While many offices try to address their employee coffee needs with instant options, vending machines, and lines of pods stacked up on the kitchen bench, quality can still be an issue, especially if no-one knows the finer points of coffee making. This is where automation becomes invaluable to an office’s coffee requirements, and thankfully we’re in an era where it doesn’t just mean convenience, but quality and consistent production too.

If your office isn’t lucky enough to have its own on site barista, don’t fret. I’m going to share with you my top-rated automated machines that I truly believe offer the same skills as any good café can. 

office coffee
The Eversys Cameo c’2 features Eversys’e’Barista system, which does all the steps a barista would take to make coffee.


The Swiss manufacturer is respected worldwide for its super automated machines, but if I was to choose just one model from the Eversys range, I can’t look past the Cameo c’2, its most advanced espresso machine to date.

This machine bridges the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology with its unique design, functionality, and exceptional coffee quality. 

The Eversys Cameo features the most advanced Eversys technology, including a new touchscreen interface, designed for intuitive navigation, ease of use, and simple temperature control. Its sophisticated electronic milk texturing system allows operators to create the perfect milk foam and texture for a comprehensive menu of bespoke milk- based drinks.

With Eversys’ e’Barista system, all the steps a barista would take to make coffee are programmed into the machine. Stopping just short of placing a barista in the unit, Eversys has dissected all of the key movements and functions associated to the making of espresso-based beverages, and assimilated them into an intelligent electronic interface. 

Beans are ground with Eversys-designed ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor. The motor’s heat is channelled away from the coffee beans via a set of fans to maintain their quality, and an electronic tamper guarantees consistent quality in the 24-gram brewing chamber. 

Dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water/steam boiler, provide productivity and temperature stability, essential parts of in-cup quality. A reverse extraction brewing system optimises powder efficiency as the espresso is produced. 

All products are pre-programmed to be dispensed in a consistent and efficient manner, placing seamless productivity and quality at the forefront of the customer experience. 

Eversys’ Push telemetry system also gives operators the ability to modify machine parametres remotely, driving down maintenance costs and minimising downtime. When maintenance is required, however, the Eversys range with modular format means trained personnel can simply exchange modules to expedite repairs Simple.

Office Coffee
La Cimbali’s latest model, the S30 features two stainless steel boilers.


La Cimbali
The latest model from Italy’s La Cimbali, the S30, emphasises customisation and usability, with its touchscreen display allowing operators to customise a wide variety of beverages. Users can even add new images to display beverage options with a USB stick, providing a whole new level of customisation and branding for any business.

The S30 is equipped with two boilers, made from stainless steel with external insulation. The first generates steam and hot water, while the second is dedicated to the preparation of coffee-based beverages. The coffee boiler performs better and allows for more consistency in the delivery of different drinks. The patented Smart Boiler system optimises the performance of hot water and steam, maintaining production during office rush hours. 

The machine includes a double hopper for coffee, holding 1.0 to 1.2 kilograms each, and incorporates a soluble hot chocolate system for those employees who like variety.

Thanks to La Cimbali’s integrated bi-directional Wi-Fi system, users can also remotely communicate with the S30, making it quick and easy to upgrade software, adjust recipes, and personalise interface images. 

An automatic washing system manages daily wash cycles, ensuring the machine is well maintained despite having various operators throughout the day. The system cleans deeply and efficiently, ensuring maximum hygiene at the touch of a button. 

office coffee
LaRhea’s Grande VHO is a slim, compact model, suitable for tight office spaces.


With its LaRhea Business Line, the Rheavendors Group aims to set a new standard for tabletop coffee machines. 

The range boasts heightened performance and a sleek new design that fits into even the most elegant settings. 

The Business Line consists of four models to cater to a range of requirements in terms of space and output. The BL eC is a slim, compact model perfect for tight spaces. The BL Grande VHO provides extra capacity and options for its users’ beverages. It features an external transparent bean hopper, acting like an open invitation to enjoy fresh-ground coffee.

All models are equipped with a Variflex brewer, which adapts to the quantity of ground coffee required for the drink selection to make an optimal dose. 

A unique feature of LaRhea is its ability to produce instant coffee, speeding up the process when workers are really on the go.

Offices can choose between black or white side panel options for a machine that best aesthetically matches the workplace. 

LaRhea’s optional Tm-on service system enables service partners to immediately check any malfunction or error message via telemetry. Since the machines are connected online and around the clock, service partners can promptly provide a new set up or modify dosing values without having to appear onsite. 


Decision time?
So what’s it going to be? Gone are the days of workplaces offering employees jars of instant dried granules and hot water. 

Our cities have become discerning coffee hotspots in their own right, and that level of quality is appreciated right down the production chain from the cafés to its customers. Employees are seeking our quality options, and so are their clients. 

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