Tree Free Global cups

In response to environmental and bacterial concern in takeaway coffee, Tree Free Global believes it has the best environmental solution to replace disposable and reusable cups. 

The eco-friendly coffee cup is made using Bagasse, a waste product from sugarcane, which otherwise would be burned, saving trees and emissions. Tree Free Global’s cups require fewer natural resources to manufacture as they come from an annual crop, and will compost faster than current wood-based cups. Bagasse cups also add nutrients to the soil as they break down. 

Tree Free Global’s cups are sustainable and are said to have significantly better performance than tree-based products. Bagasse cups have the least environmental impact and can also be added to home compost. Should a Tree Free cup end up in landfill, it will break down faster because it is plant based and leave no harmful plastic behind. Make the switch to your coffee and future. 

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