Tricyle Café and Bar

No matter if it’s an early morning coffee to start the day or an afternoon pick-me- up, Tricycle Café and Bar is ready to take your order.
Tucked away in the entrance to Hobart’s historical precinct and Salamanca arts Centre, this small café has taken Nordic inspiration in its design with white walls, timber furnishings and unique hand-made features for a homey touch. Visitors will also notice the array of intriguing tricycles hanging from the ceiling.

Originally from South Australia, Owner Adam James and his wife Megan travelled around Australia searching for their ideal café venue before stumbling upon Hobart.
“I fell in love with Tasmania’s lifestyle and the fact it has access to amazing produce,” says Adam.

The café uses Five Senses’ Dark Horse blend, a combination of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Sumatran beans. Single origins also rotate several times a week.
“The blend is on the robust side with a heavy body, lingering complex finish and dark cocoa and hints of cherry,” Adam says.

The café goes through 20 kilos of coffee each week and serves Clever Coffee Dripper in the summer time. Adam has a strong passion for advancing Tasmania’s coffee culture and is impressed with the direction it’s headed. “I love to drink coffee first and foremost. It was an interest from the outset and in Tasmania there’s been a push in the last two to three years with people starting to appreciate good coffee, and the culture has just grown,” says Adam.

“More people are serving single origins and we’re developing a culture down here with lots of local roasters. It’s all really positive at the moment.”

Tricycle Café and Bar serves a breakfast and lunch menu that changes seasonally using locally sourced organic and free range ingredients. The ever-changing specials board also features four must-try items each day, guaranteed to go well with a coffee.

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