Try IMF’s 15-kg automatic shop roaster


IMF’s new model, a 15-kilogram automatic drum shop roaster, offers all the technological components of its larger industrial drum roaster, in a small and compact dimension.

New features include a larger, user friendly 12-inch Siemans touchscreen, 1000 roasting profiles storage, and Riello burner, just like the industrial roasters. The model comes standard with integrated afterburner using recirculating low NOX heat technology to reduce emissions by up to 47 per cent, and exclusive Vortex and Equalizer technology for consistency.

IMF’s management software includes a 12-step profile with 50 adjustable parameters that control bean and air temperatures, as well as drum speed and airflow to one degree accuracy automatically. Users also have the ability to manually override in real time.

IMF and its Australian agent Roastquip will exhibit one of the new automatic IMF 15-kilogram automatic shop roasters at the 2022 Melbourne International Coffee Expo in September.

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