Try Paradox’s Single Origin Collective

Paradox Single Origin Collective

Paradox Coffee Roasters is bringing new and unique single origin coffees to cafés across Australia through its Paradox Single Origin Collective. Designed to excite cafés and their customers, Paradox Coffee Roasters provides cafés with free tasting boxes to get to know each monthly origin before purchasing.

What’s unique about the Paradox Single Origin Collective is the varieties of micro-lots that the Paradox team sources. These highlight experimental processing methods that push the boundaries to deliver delicious taste profiles. Special limited release origin coffees previously featured include the Colombia Castillo Niu Process. This has tasting notes of coconut, tropical fruit and white chocolate. The Sumatra Telege Double Fermentation has notes of mango, jackfruit and honey.

Cafés that sign-up to the Paradox Single Origin Collective are supported with coffee education including tasting notes, farm details, and digital brew recipe clips in addition to a free origin tasting box.

To join and for more information, visit

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