Try the Five Senses Coffee Risaralda single origin

Five Senses

Risaralda is a Colombian coffee roasted for espresso that is now starring on the Five Senses single origin line-up.

With notes of sparkling cherry cola, juicy red fruits, and sweet maple syrup, this is a rich drop with great character that can be enjoyed as black or white.

The result of a collaboration between Raw Material and producer groups Asocafé Tatama Santuario, Entreverdes and Asotatama El Aguila from Risaralda Department. Risaralda stands for much more than just a good brew.

In the regions where it is produced, a lack of infrastructure and unstable prices were identified by farmers as key obstacles.

From this, Raw Material created Red Associations as a vehicle to achieve stable and sustainable prices, while focusing on improved quality control, shared knowledge, and connection to the specialty coffee market. It’s here for a good time, not a long time so grab a bag soon.

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