Turning a coffee machine back on after COVID-19 closures

The Simonelli Group has shared recommendations for a correct maintenance procedure on how cafés, restaurants, and coffee chains should turn off and on an espresso machine.

Simonelli says these procedures avoid wasting energy and correctly maintain machines to guarantee a quick and optimal restarting once businesses re-opens following coronavirus-related temporary closures.

Simonelli’s to-do-list for the temporary shutdown of espresso machines and grinders includes:

  • performing a full back flush,
  • thoroughly cleaning the shower screens, steam wands, and around the seals,
  • flushing lots of hot soapy water down the drain,
  • flushing lots of hot soapy water down the pitcher rinsed after the cleaning is done;
  • emptying the grinder hopper and grind all beans through until empty;
  • switching off the power. On the right-hand side under the machine and at the wall,
  • and closing the main water tap connecting water to the machine.

When restarting equipment, operations include:

  • switching on the machine,
  • purging all groups for a long time (one litre of water per group),
  • pouring hot water from the hot water wand (once the machine is on and reached the 1.2 bar) to exchange the water in the main boiler with fresh water. Four to five litres is enough for a two group and six to seven litres for a three group.

For more information, visit click HERE or HERE.

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