Übermilk makes milk easy


Übermilk from Barista Group streamlines a café’s workflow by reducing waste and improving quality and consistency.

When designing a café, workflow should be as big a consideration as the aesthetics. This is why both factors were taken into consideration when German manufacturer Übermilk was developing its signature milk foaming system.

Übermilk automates the milk frothing process, delivering a consistent, ready-to-pour micro foamed milk at the barista’s desired temperature. Compact and customisable, the system looks right at home sitting next to a grinder and espresso machine on the coffee bar. 

Joe Chalhoub of Australian distributor Barista Group says Übermilk improves a café’s workflow speed and efficiency without compromising coffee quality.

“By the time you grab your milk bottle, pour it in a jug, and steam it, to put it in coffee terms, it’s like you’re dosing, tamping, and extracting it. Essentially, you’re spending the time it would take to make a second cup of coffee,” Joe says. “This is about 20 seconds per cup, which adds up over a day. Whereas Übermilk does all this at the touch of a button and frees up the barista to focus on customer service or café operations.”

He adds that Übermilk’s user interface is easy to navigate, allowing baristas to find whichever option they need, whether that be dine-in or takeaway, latte or cappuccino, and hot or cold milk. However, Übermilk’s benefits go beyond its operator to the owner of the café.

“The in-built cleaning journal can be used to check if staff have been cleaning the machine, and the statistics counter lets you view how many serves were produced and what orders are popular,” Joe says.

Übermilk“It also really reduces the amount of time spent training staff. One of the main assets of the machine is that a new barista can produce milk the same quality as, if not better than, someone more experienced.”

A hose directly connects the unit to milk sitting in the refrigerator, reducing the time it spends out of the fridge and clutter on the bar. 

“The beauty of the Übermilk is that you can use your existing fridge systems. You don’t have to invest in something new that was specifically made to connect to the unit, providing the site meets the installation requirements,” Joe says.

The desired volume of milk is syphoned into an aerator, where a needle valve is used to control how much air is incorporated. It then runs through a high-power heater and filter, resulting in micro foamed milk pouring out of its nozzle.

“Once you dial it in, Übermilk will produce consistent milk all day, all week,” Joe says. “This reduces wastage at a café because you’re always getting exactly the amount you need.”

With Übermilk making its local debut at the 2018 Melbourne International Coffee Expo, Joe says the machine has been popular in Australia and New Zealand.

“Australians love their milk coffees and Übermilk makes them easier to produce consistently, while freeing up the barista to focus on their espresso or latte art,” Joe says. 

“We’re also seeing increased interest from Asian countries like Taiwan and Indonesia in the product and Barista Group is planning the launch there in the next few months.

“The goal of Barista Group is to introduce more products like Übermilk that improve workflow while saving our customers precious time and money.” 

For more information, visit www.baristagroup.com.au or call (02) 9896 4808 

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