Uncle Joe’s Coffee Shop

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House is like settling into a family member’s lounge. Adam Metelmann, Director of the Coffee House, has over 20 years experience behind the coffee machine and says this new place is his pride and joy.

“It’s rewarding to serve people who are as excited about coffee as we are,” he says.

The coffee brokerage and roasting facility is owned by roaster Mark Leo and Yili Wang from 3rd Crack Coffee. “We’ve made no compromise with our roasting, coffee machine and of the quality of coffee serve, and we’ve been happy with the results,” says Adam, who operates the coffee house with business partner emily senior.

Located in Coorparoo, the coffee house has embraced an “earthy, organic vibe”, complete with wood furnishing and matched with modern brews. The showpiece – the shiny Kees van der Westen machine sitting on the bench.

“The Mirage has been fully modified, similar to an analogue-style machine. I can’t believe its stability – when we get into large volumes, it’s just stunning to use.”

The coffee house has only been open a few months, but already a swarm of loyal clientele are calling Uncle Joe’s their second home. “When they come here they appreciate what we’re all about – and they keep coming back.”
Adam works closely with roaster Mark to produce the supafly House blend. The coffee comprises of beans from El Salvador Finca San Jose, El Salvador Finca El Aguila, and Rwanda Mig Maraba. “This coffee has a mix of shitake mushroom, elegant red berries, plum, a multi dark-chocolate taste with subtle fruits and a twist of plums to finish,” says Adam.

Uncle Joe’s offers single origins coffees that rotate weekly, including an Ethiopia Bench Maji and El Salvador Santa Felisa La Organica. The café also specialises in aero press and pour over.

The coffee house was named as an homage to Joe Hsu (Yili’s Uncle) of Orsir Coffee. Based in Taiwan, Adam says Joe Hsu is one of his coffee inspirations. He sources coffee for his own coffeecompany but Adam says his passion and coffee knowledge is “unheralded”.

At the end of the day, Adam says his coffee focus is all about quality over quantity. “I’d like nothing better than to stand behind the Kees van der Westen and make coffees all day,” he says.

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