VA388 Black Eagle gold and copper edition

Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle is going gold, and it’s not just in anticipation of the Rio Olympics.

At the June World Barista Championship in Dublin, Ireland, Victoria Arduino introduced three new coloured VA388 Black Eagle machines for the world’s best baristas to use during their competition routines – red coral, periwinkle blue and turquoise.

In addition to these three colours, Victoria Arduino has introduced two new colors to give this coffee machine a strong personality.

First up, is the Gold. Victoria Arduino says this colour isn’t just about simplicity, but it accentuates the features of the VA388. Each machine becomes an individual piece because the side walls are different from each other due to the different ways the gold drops crystallise on the surface.

The second version of the VA388 Black Eagle is the Copper. Instead of the VA388 steel features, the profiles and back of the machine are brushed in a copper colour.

For more information on these two new colours visit or Australian distributor Espresso Mechanics

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