Veneziano Cold Brew range

Veneziano Cold Brew

The new and improved Veneziano Cold Brew range consists of four refreshing, dairy-free coffee-in-a-can drinks.

The line-up includes existing favourites Straight Up and Oat Latte, and newcomers Chai Latte and Neapolitan.

Straight Up is a Colombian and Brazilian blend which is brewed slowly over 24-hours to create a velvety, refreshing coffee.

Oat Latte is a creamy, slightly sweet latte featuring Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ Elevate blend.

Chai Latte is spicy, subtly sweet, and low caffeine, taken from the roaster’s artisanal chai brew blend.

Neapolitan is inspired by the childhood classic, Neapolitan ice-cream, and is a balanced combination of strawberry and chocolate notes mixed with oat latte.

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