Veneziano releases limited-edition Pete Licata-curated coffee blend

Veneziano Pete Licata blend

Veneziano Coffee Roasters has announced the limited release of a new blend, specially curated by R&D Coffee Consultant and 2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata.

The Pete Licata Blend features three natural process coffees from Indonesia, Colombia, and Ethiopia, with $2 from every bag sold going to Doctors without Borders.

“When we first entered lockdown, we quickly realised we had a lot of coffees we really loved and wanted to use at special events, but don’t have outlets anymore where we can share them with people,” Pete Licata says.

“I really enjoy the flexibility and uniqueness that a blend can bring. When you combine these coffees, it brings new components and flavour characteristics you wouldn’t have experienced from one of those coffees by themselves.”

As Melbourne entered its second stage of lockdowns and the blend neared completion, Pete began to think more about how COVID-19 was affecting coffee producing countries and what Veneziano could do to help.

Veneziano Pete Licata blend“I decided I wanted the profits from this coffee to go to a good cause. Doctors Without Borders provides medical expertise to different countries in need around the world, and they worked specifically in the three countries these coffees come from,” Pete says.

“I thought that was a really good connection – giving that extra support from the blend to those communities with the medical support really needed right now.”

The Indonesian coffee is a Resuan – Typica and Catimor hybrid – from Wahana Estate in Sumatra, that gives the blend its sweetness and dried fruit notes.

Its Colombia Delegua is also a Resuan from Cerro Azul farm that contributes spicy and jammy notes.

The Ethiopia Hambela is a Bourbon lot that brings a touch of acidity and body to the blend.

The blend features flavour notes of blueberry jam, pink lady apple, black cherry, and baking spice. Pete says the strong, complex, and fruity flavours shine as espresso or when served with milk.

“You’re always trying to find balance, with something unique that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else,” Pete says.

“All the coffees are naturally processed, so it’s really fruit heavy, and that lends well to milk and makes for a super-sweet, syrupy, juicy espresso shot as well.”

The Pete Licata Blend is available at

A Pete Licata Limited Release Gift Pack is available to residents of the United States and Canada, containing three 12-ounce bags with tasting cards and free shipping for $97.

For more information, click HERE.

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