Veneziano releases second edition of Pinnacle Series

veneziano pinnacle series 02

Veneziano Coffee Roasters has announced the release of the Pinnacle Series 02, a selection of ultra-premium coffees released as a limited-edition tasting experience.

Veneziano says the Pinnacle Series line up of coffees are usually only experienced by a select group of coffee competition judges and barista champions at events like the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. This February anyone has a unique opportunity to experience these wonderful coffees.

The Pinnacle Series 02 range will be available to purchase at Veneziano retail cafés, select wholesale partners, and via the online store.

Pre-orders open online on 25 February at 8am and will be available until sold out.

The range includes a Tasters Pack (RRP $50) featuring four compelling coffees with distinct varietals, processing methods, and tasting notes. The Tasters Pack comprises four 40 gram-bags of each coffee, or enough to brew about eight cups.

Also available will be Individual Packs (RRP $48) featuring 150 grams of each coffee.

On 6 March, there will be a series of Pinnacle Series 02 launch events at Veneziano cafés and a number of wholesale partner accounts nationwide.

The coffees include:

  • CCD Finca Victoria Lot 12, a Static Cherry processed Geisha from Panama. Its tasting notes include kiwi acidity, overripe mandarin, cranberry, hibiscus, and light notes of clove.
  • CCD Finca Caballero Lot 22, an Intrinsic Cherry processed Pacamara from Panama. Intense and very complex, its tasting notes include watermelon, candied papaya, and cacao nibs.
  • GLE Cerro Azul, a honey processed Geisha from Colombia. Its tasting notes include apricot nectar, vanilla, honey, and elderflower.
  • GLE Potosi, X.O. Natural processed Colombia and Castillo varietals from Colombia. Its tasting notes include orange Liqueur, mango, bourbon soaked raisins, and treacle.

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