Veneziano’s Barista Brawl features prize pool worth over $7000

Veneziano Barista Brawl

Veneziano Coffee Roasters is holding a Barista Brawl event, taking place on 18 August from 5:30pm at its Richmond roastery.

Thirty baristas will have five minutes at each of the five stations to test their barista skills, building points as they go.

The first station, ‘Pour It’, involves spinning a wheel to decide their pattern and milk and pouring two identical patterns in a 200-millilitre latte glass. The second station, ‘Taste It’, asks competitors to identify the origin, processing method, varietal, three tasting notes, and intensity and type of acidity of a sample of brewed coffee. The third station ‘Smell It’, requires baristas to identify the coffee aromas from eight vials. The fourth round, ‘Assess It’, involves guessing the intensity of sweet, salt and sour mixed in five different solutions.

The final station is a secret challenge that will be revealed on the night.

The top four go through to the final Brewers Cup Challenge presenting their best expression of the competition coffee roasted by Veneziano and donated by Café Imports. Competitors will brew a 300-millilitre yield filter coffee using their own brewing device and grinder (or the EK provided) and present it to two judges for assessment using the compulsory score sheet from the Brewers Cup. The microlot will be sent out to competitors prior to the event.

With a prize pool worth more than $7000, the first place winner will take home $5000, second place will win $1000, third place holder will take home $500 and fourth place will win $250. The top four placeholders will all also receive prize packs.

Limited competitor positions available. To purchase a ticket, visit

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