Victor Vu of Ona Coffee makes World Latte Art Championship Semi Finals

World Latte Art Championships

Victor Vu of Ona Coffee has made it through to the Semi Finals of the World Latte Art Championships at World of Coffee in Milan.

For his round one routine, Victor presented his Spartan Helmet latte art design, telling the judges that this pattern displayed his “fighting spirit, consistent pouring and creative fine lines”.

“Please watch the level of the control,” he told he judges as he began to pour his first two coffees. “Look at the contrast and the detail in which you have never seen before, beautiful.”

He then told the judges to evaluate the similarity between his two patterns.

For his “final masterpiece”, Victor created the Hunting Hawk design, reaching what he described to be his “maximum level” of difficulty, pouring seven rosettas with etching to create a realistic design with great expression.

“See those vicious looking eyes – so intense,” Victor told the judges. “I hope you enjoyed my latte art designs, my mastery at its finest.”

Victor developed the concept for his Spartan design at the 2019 ASCA Australian Latte Art Championship. He says given the challenges of the past two years during the pandemic, his designs display a level of strength, passion and power.

Victor will now compete in the Semi Finals on 24 June. He will be joined by the other 11 national competitors, including Hiroki Ito of Japan, Shao-Sing Lin of Taiwan, Tamara Nadolph of Austria, Nicky Voon Pei Xin of Malaysia, Christos Douvas of Greece, Carmen Clemente of Italy, Tse Kwun Kit of Hong Kong, Johannes Otto of Germany, Cristian Ponce of Mexico, Renata Khedun of Ireland, and Rora of South Korea.

To watch Victor perform in the Semi Finals, watch the Semi Finals from 5.30pm AEST (Milan from 9.30am CEST)

Also competing in the World Coffee Championships is Ona Coffee Head Roaster Danny Wilson, competing in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WCIGS) and Daniel Shadbolt of Veneziano Coffee Roasters in the World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC).

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