Victoria Arduino Experience Lab in Melbourne opens its doors

victoria arduino

The Victoria Arduino Experience Lab in Melbourne, Victoria, is finally ready to open its doors to the public.

The Experience Lab is located in Breese Street in the vibrant inner-city suburb of Brunswick, known for its cool, urban vibe. Victoria Arduino says it is in very fine company too, with roasters Market Lane, Code Black, Founder Coffee Co, Coffex Coffee, Wood and Co Coffee, and Wide Open Road all close by.

“We want to unite the coffee community and enjoy latte art jams, barista competitions, and brewing events. We look forward to hosting virtual origin trips, cuppings and masterclasses on espresso extraction, grinding and the science of coffee,” reads an announcement from Victoria Arduino Australia.

“We also also plan to conduct industry experiments together with you, domestic classes, and to organise educational talks on the VA range with guest speakers.”

Until then, it is inviting baristas and cafe owners for their own personal private sessions, where they can enjoy a safe environment while touching and testing the entire Victoria Arduino equipment range.

“Just bring your coffee, jugs, scales, baristas, everything you need to make yourself comfortable. We will tune the machine into your specifications, then take an hour or two to play with it,” says Victoria Arduino Australia.

Victoria Arduino’s latest commercial espresso machine, the Eagle One, was recently on display at the Australian Specialty Coffee Association 2020 Condesa Co Lab Australian Coffee Championships, held form 11 to 13 March 2021.

For more information, visit or for a private sessions, contact Sales Manager Brett Dedman at

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