Victoria Arduino upgrades Mythos grinder

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The Mythos grinder from Victoria Arduino has been upgraded to allow greater grinding precision and control with improved user experience. This enables all the baristas, roasteries, and chains who already appreciate the grinder to reach new levels of perfection.

First launched in 2013, the Mythos has become known for its iconic design, high quality, and waste reduction abilities. Today, the grinder continues to represent the values of Victoria Arduino, reaffirming itself as the grinder that is able, once again, to reach grinding perfection with significant improvements from the perspective of user experience, grind control, and design.

Its upgraded integrated display touchscreen is simple to read and program, with the barista having full control over the information and settings. This is thanks to the Mythos’ adaptive logic design which highlights the necessary information in real-time. This includes doses, grinding temperature, burr distance, and more.

Baristas can now also quickly access the recipe without entering the menu. This speeds up the steps related to grinding, guaranteeing maximum dose precision and consistency.

The upgraded Mythos grinder also allows baristas to select the grinding temperature from a wide range, allowing them to extract the best characteristics from every type of coffee.

It’s Clima Pro technology ensures the grinding system is proactive, with maximum dose consistency throughout the day.

“The barista only has to set the grinding temperature from the display and the system does the rest,” says Victoria Arduino.

“The probe in the grinding chamber monitors the temperature, whilst the Clima Pro algorithm activates or deactivates the heating or cooling systems to constantly maintain the pre-set parameters.”

The Mythos grinder also boosts an electronic grind setting control, which can be read directly from the display, enabling greater grinding regulation and precision. This also saves time after cleaning, with the system able to memorise the burr position and guide the barista back to the particular grind settings.

The Mythos grinding temperature has become even more stable and machine maintenance simplified, giving baristas optimum control over the machine. This includes reducing the number of screws required to access the grinding chamber, which Victoria Arduino says further simplifies daily routine operations and programmed grinder maintenance.

To avoid waste, a filter holder hook has also been added to accompany the ground coffee into the filter, ensuring better adherence of the portafilter on the fork.

The upgraded grinder’s clump crusher and coffee spout have also been strengthened to improve the flow of ground coffee into the portafilter, reducing cleaning time.

The new Mythos grinder offers a gravimetric version that comes with incorporated weight scales, fast calibration, and a dosing algorithm. This algorithm is easy to set due to the grinders predictive system that automatically controls dose precision and grinding speed.

“Greater flexibility, waste reduction and maximum precision are the immediate advantages that are noticeable right from first use,” says Victoria Arduino.

These improvements have also influenced the design of the new grinder with the integrated touchscreen now housed in a glass panel.

With the new contemporary design, the Mythos grinder’s fans are positioned at the rear of the machine to improve airflow inside the machine and reduce space.

“With its four different versions, Mythos has created a full system of grinding excellence and perfection. All have rigorously the same design and the same iconic lines,” says Victoria Arduino.

The Mythos ecosystem comes in the 75mm (MY75) and 85mm (MY85) versions with the option of integrating gravimetric technology (MYG75 and MYG85).

“Today, Mythos defines a world of detail, but with a unique design, and the same passion and strong values shared with the baristas, roasteries and chains throughout the world, to reach grinding perfection once again,” Victoria Arduino says.

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