Victoria Arduino’s E1 Prima chosen for ADI Design Index 2021

E1 Prima

The E1 Prima, created by Victoria Arduino, has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2021, an award that recognises Italian products and systems from “every market, theoretical and critical research and design-related processes or businesses” based on their design and focus on sustainability.

Selected by the Permanent Design Observatory, the announcement was made in Milan on 27 October during an event at the ADI Design Museum. The products selected for the ADI Design Index also compete for the ADI Design Index Innovation Award.

According to Victoria Arduino, the E1 Prima was chosen because of represents how coffee consumption has changed.

“Specialty products are more requested, prepared with high quality ‘gourmet’ prime materials produced ethically and sustainably,” says Victoria Arduino.

With quality coffee becoming a lifestyle, the brand says consumers are searching for this exclusive coffee experience outside the coffee shops, from homes and offices to food trucks and many other settings.

“E1 Prima is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine able to interpret the current trends and envision the future,” Victoria Arduino says.

“Coffee machines are not just serving tools, they also carry a real message, whose meaning expands to greater dimensions, that include an expression of the personality of the barista, roaster or coffee lover, a story, a life and tendency.”

The E1 Prima can be customised with different tones using either natural materials such as wood or technological materials like steel, resins, and aluminium. This enables one to express their own personality and vision through the coffee machine.

Italian designer Giulio Cappellini has also worked together with Victoria Arduino to create a “seasonal look” by adding fresh new colours and textures that interpret the current trends.

Similar to the Eagle One machine, Victoria Arduino focused on creating a product where workflow comfort met esthetical and functional qualities while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy.

The use of Victoria Arduino’s New Engine Optimization (NEO) technology which features smart water heating and guaranteed energy efficiency, the E1 Prima has been designed to be more compact, more performant, and more sustainable.

The E1 Prima app allows users to set temperature, extraction time, steam, and hot water settings, together with weekly programming and pre-set recipes, creating a 100 per cent digital machine.

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