Viper milk steamer takes the pressure off coffee machines


The Viper is an independent milk steamer that provides baristas with greater flexibility and output through its ability to consistently steam milk with its own dedicated under bench boiler.

This not only eliminates the need for another coffee machine on the bench, but by separating the steamer from the machine, it ensure that pressure is not being taken away from the coffee machine, thereby “promising the perfect extraction”. This also allows a café to use any single boiler heat exchange espresso machine.

“It helps the barista to optimise workflow and keep up with performance, why wouldn’t any café want that given the opportunity,” says John Colangeli, Founder and Managing Director of Coffee Machines Technologies.

Born in 2012 from a desire to modernise the coffee-making process, Viper was created by Coffee Machines Technologies which closely studied deficiencies in workflow across hundreds of businesses.

“It has been apparent that the production of steamed milk is unable to keep up with the number of doses of coffee that are extracted. This causes a bottle neck in the workflow, at the same time making it very uncomfortable and inefficient for multiple people to work on a coffee machine at once,” says Colangeli.

“The Viper milk steamer allows cafés and its barista to expand and optimise their workflow and helps them to continually keep up that high performance across both high and low volume stores.”

According to the company’s research, traditional coffee machines were not designed to produce the volume of milk-based coffees that are consumed in Australia. These machines often struggle to keep up with production during rush periods, Colangeli says.

The Viper milk steamer is customisable with a variety of standard finishes and colours to match any venue’s brand or fit out.

Having won the Australian-Made Most Innovative New Australian Product category at Fine Foods Australia 2015, the Viper milk steamer has also seen success in the wider market, from large scale quick-service restaurants to boutique coffee roasters.

“It is designed for any business that demands the very best from its equipment and strives for success,” Colangeli says.

“The Viper milk steamer aims to add value to the coffee machine while saving baristas and businesses time and money.”

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