Viper Steamer

Designed by Coffee Machine Technologies in Australia and awarded Most Innovative New Australian Made Product Award 2015 by Fine Foods Australia, the Viper is an independent steamer separate from the coffee machine. It provides flexibility and increases output by constantly being able to steam milk with its dedicated under-bench boiler, eliminating the necessity for another big bulky coffee machine on the bench. The Viper ensures that pressure is not taken away from the coffee machine, promising perfect extractions and allowing any single boiler heat exchange machine to be used.

Any business – from franchise to boutique roaster – that demands the very best from its equipment and strives for success benefits from the Viper. The Viper is customisable with a range of standard finishes and colours, just like a coffee machine, to suit your brand or fit out.

For more information, contact Coffee Machine Technologies on +61 3 9335 2293, or visit or

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