Volt Espresso

Volt Espresso

Five years ago, Volt Espresso opened a hole-in-the-wall shop in Newmarket, Auckland to showcase its coffee and imported equipment. Now, the boutique roaster has branched out with a second espresso bar in the Auckland CBD.

“When we started off, no-one else in the area was doing anything both good and fast, so we were able to captivate that office worker market,” Owner Peter Grant says.

“Our baristas are really enthusiastic about the product and have great people skills. It allows us to fill that niche market combining quality and quick service.”

Peter had more than 30 years of experience as a coffee technician before starting Volt Espresso with his wife Maree. This background inspired the name “Volt” and extends to the branding of the roaster’s blends – including Surge, Amp, Rush, and Pulse.

“We started off as Grant’s Espresso because people already knew my name in the community, but decided we needed something with more colour. Volt connotates high voltage, and that idea transfers into the strength of the flavour,” Peter says.

“We roast to a medium level, which brings out the fruity flavours of the coffees. They have a crisp citrusy flavour with a nice cocoa aftertaste.”

Volt’s coffees are showcased at both espresso bars, where they are prepared with a Mythos One grinder, Puqpress M2 automatic tamper, and a Spirit espresso machine.

The city shop, located in the New Zealand Media and Entertainment office courtyard, also serves a range of pastries, brioche, muffins, sandwiches, and real-fruit ice cream.

Peter says Volt’s hands-on approach has allowed it to develop a strong community of regulars in Newmarket and hopes to do the same in Auckland City.

“We’ve kept our team small to allow quick communication and offer a personal touch,” Peter says.

“Our café regulars and wholesale clients deal with the owners or same experienced baristas every day, so they know they are more than just another order.”

Volt Espresso
5 Hardinge Street Auckland, New Zealand, 1023
Open Monday to Friday 6:45am to 3pm
+64 9 303 1117

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