Volunteers required for 2024 Australia’s Richest Barista competition

2024 Australia's Richest Barista

The 2024 Australia’s Richest Barista competition is seeking volunteers for this year’s event.

There are a number of volunteer positions required for the running of the event, including stage runner, time keeping and score keeping.

The event will take place at the 2024 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), where baristas will have the chance to compete for up to $40,000 in prize money.

Richest Barista is a knock-out format, fast-paced competition designed to exhibit barista talent to the global coffee industry and coffee lovers.

Taking place over the course of MICE2024 from 12 to 14 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, baristas will compete in three intense head-to-head rounds, Barista, Latte Art and Cup Tasting, that test their overall practical and sensory skills.

Apply for a volunteer position here.

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