Wake up and smell the coffee with Grinders Brand Ambassador Jonathan Goldthorpe

Jonathan Goldthorpe

Coffee guru and now the Brand Ambassador of Grinders Coffee Roasters, Jonathan ‘Jono’ Goldthorpe, is not a new face to the industry or to Grinders Coffee. Starting his coffee journey while backpacking across Europe, Jono joined the Grinders team seven years ago as a coffee specialist. After sharing his extensive knowledge with both customers and industry, training up and coming baristas and appearing on panels to judge competitions Jono is now the Brand Ambassador of Grinders Coffee Roasters.

Grinders Coffee have been delivering quality with passion since 1962 and since day one, its goal has been the same: to make better coffee by constantly evolving to meet Australians’ expectations. So it’s no surprise that Jono is now taking the ambassador role to share the Grinders innovations with the coffee world and continue to grow their strong community of millions of coffee lovers.

Let’s learn more about this guru!

How did you get into Coffee?

I’ve always loved coffee. My earliest memory is my mum hiding the instant coffee from me (I guess she thought it would stunt my growth, which didn’t seem to help anyway). After a short career in the music industry, I decided to go travelling and naturally fell into the hospitality industry. I love food, the buzz, and atmosphere from working in the industry and after stints in bars and kitchens, I settled behind a coffee machine and haven’t looked back.

What do you love about coffee?

Besides consuming it, I love the connections through coffee. Personally, from the people I meet whether it’s customers or industry peers. Plus, that it is such a versatile a beverage that’s enjoyed all over the world across different cultures and demographics. Something for everyone!

What’s the most complicated coffee order you’ve ever had to make?

I was lucky enough to step away from behind the tools when there were only 3-4 milk types. I find now though, customers are more driven by flavour and quality rather than having ‘two centimetres of foam on a hot double ristretto soy cappuccino with no chocolate’. Sure, they still exist but it’s a barista’s job to meet the customer’s needs. Nothing is too complicated!

What do you think are common mistakes baristas make and how can these be overcome?

Taking it too seriously and not connecting with customers and having fun. Connection is key.

What’s your favourite part of working as a barista?

I love making delicious quality coffee and giving the customer the best experience.

What’s your favourite part of working at Grinders?

For me, it will also be the people. I work with amazing and talented people every day. And the opportunity to follow my passion for coffee as well as being encouraged to learn and grow is just one of the wonderful things, I love about working at Grinders.

What do you think is unique about Grinders Coffee?

Our people! We have a team of more than 80 dedicated and experienced people who love just coffee and want to make sure our customers have a great coffee experience, every time.

We also recently partnered with Rainforest Alliance to continue building on our commitment to deliver a better coffee experience from crop to café to cup, hence  allowing  us to have a bigger impact at an origin level. Under the café range, our Source blend along with 100% of  Grinders Coffee  ground & beans in retail will now be certified by Rainforest Alliance. Our Nespresso range is also now fully compostable which we are very proud of.

What country do you think has the best coffee in the world and why?

While many countries have great coffee and different styles and flavours, Australia’s coffee scene is so consistently excellent. I haven’t come across anywhere with the same standard consistently.

What’s your relationship like with Grinders Coffee?

Pretty damn good. One would hope!

What is your involvement with the coffee industry?

I always try to stay connected to the industry. I love turning up to as many coffee events as I can as it’s a great learning experience but I also love the social connection and have made many good friends. I am heavily involved with Australian Specialty Coffee Association both at a national and regional level and love helping run the competitions and seeing the boundaries being pushed to the limits year on year.

What new trends or changes have you seen coming from your customers?

I think with ever more discerning palettes, customers are just wanting more consistency at a higher quality.

What are your plans for the future?

Keep striving to give all Australians a better coffee experience.

What is you go-to coffee order?

What have you got on the menu? It is usually a milky or two in the morning, and filter after that.

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