Wega Airy

wega airy

The Wega Airy is a coffee machine capable of adapting itself to every environment and any style. Versatile and practical, the Airy’s uniqueness comes from the interchangeable coloured side panels, which allow it to blend into to any space and design.

Apart from using the programmed touchpad selections, the barista can personalise their coffee with the override button, in conjunction with the shot counter timer.

On the technical side, the machine features LED lighting of the barista work area, 10-millimetre stainless steel steam wands with four-hole steam tips, four programmable doses per group, manual brewing buttons, automatic cleaning and group head backflush, raised or standard height groups, ergonomic-handle portafilters, lowered feet, and a pressure gauge cover.

It is available in two and three group models in black or white.

The Wega Airy is distributed in Australia by Coffee Works Express.

For more information, visit www.cwe.com.au

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