Coffee Works Express introduces the Wega Nova

Wega Nova

Espresso machine manufacturer Wega is preparing to launch its newest and most exciting product into the Australian market, the Wega Nova.

For most companies, the best place to showcase new products and innovations is at trade shows, as the events naturally attract industry decision-makers and generate widescale media coverage.

Italian espresso machine manufacturer Wega Macchine per Caffé will utilise the upcoming Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) to launch its newest product into the Australasian market – the Wega Nova.

“We consider the Australian and, more specifically, Melbourne coffee market to be one of the strongest and most advanced in the world,” says Riccardo Ferraris, Communication Manager at Wega.

“We have always showcased our latest espresso machines at MICE and used it as a springboard to introduce our products into the Australian, New Zealand, and South-East Asian markets.”

MICE will take place from 3 to 6 November 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The show regularly attracts more than 11,000 attendees and aims to connect equipment manufacturers, suppliers, café owners, roasters, and enthusiasts, making it the ideal launchpad for new products.

“It’s such an exciting exhibition. It is active and alive, with exciting events, presentations, and a fantastic vibe. It is great for any visitor wanting to learn about the coffee world and its intricacies,” Riccardo says.

“The World Barista Championships and World Brewers Cup will draw extra attention this year, so it’s extremely important to represent out brand at the expo.”

Wega’s star attraction at MICE, the Nova, is designed with a unique shape with cutout corners to optomise ergonomics and functionality. The machine’s open, angled face means baristas can maximise space on their bench or workstation to improve productivity.

“Defragmentation is the key word for this machine. It has a classic shape that opens up a barista’s work area, meaning they can create ergonomic workstations with plenty of room,” Riccardo says.

“During the research and design process, our team studied all the finer details of a barista’s workflow to ensure it is able to best enhance a barista’s daily work routine.”

Wega Nova’s low profile is also designed to encourage baristas and consumers to interact.

“It gives the barista the feeling that they are not cut off from the customers on the other side of the machine. It’s designed for the modern coffee shop where interaction and communication are valued,” Riccardo says.

“It has a modern and attractive aesthetic. It looks sharp and futuristic but also retains an elegant, classic style. It’s a beautiful machine.”

The Wega Nova is available in a two- and three-group, with each group-head covered in light-emitting diode downlights.

Furthermore, Nova’s integrated cup-lifting mechanism assists users to position coffee vessels of all shapes and sizes. The platform’s height can be easily adjusted for baristas to switch between using takeaway cups, reusable cups, espresso cups, or any other size.

The Wega Nova is fitted with modern and advanced technology to achieve consistency and high-quality espresso.

“The aim for any modern espresso machine is to produce consistent and great tasting coffee. The Nova has cutting-edge technology which helps the barista to achieve this every time,” Riccardo says.

“Our Australia-based partners do an excellent job in making the Wega brand visible at these sorts of events. In the past they have represented out products proudly,” Riccardo says.

“This year, although the Nova will be the key attraction of our display, we will also present the Wega Urban. It is a perfectly designed machine for any café or restaurant. It has our multi-boiler technology range, an easy-to-use steam tap for faster milk foaming, service boiler boost for intensive work periods, and the opportunity to pre-set optional functions to control the machine.”

While the Nova will be released on Australian soil at MICE2020, the machine was released to international markets towards the end of 2019 to rave reviews.

“We have received great feedback from our European clients about the Nova. To date things have been vastly positive so we are looking forward to introducing this to Australia and generating interest in a new market,” Riccardo says.

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