Wega presents Wega Dream Real

Italian espresso machine manufacturer Wega has released the second video in its Wega Dream Real campaign.

The Wega Dream initiative narrates the stories of seven people who have decided to follow their dream and turn their passion into a lifestyle.

Wega premiered its Wega Dreamers campaign at Host Milan in October 2017, designed to showcase the brand and its different collections, and convey the values of Wega through words and images such as involvement in work, application, dynamism, creativity, and belief.

The DocuMovies are distributed weekly on wegadreamreal.com. The second video focuses on “Vicky”, who shares the “unique and essential” elements of her life, just as Wega applies to its Simplicity collection.

The short films tell the story of a freestyle motorbike champion challenged after a serious accident, in addition to the dreams of a pottery artist,  watchmaker, kayaker, pilot and more.

“Dreams are part of our life, they complete us. Which of us has ever had a dream and not attempted to make it come true?” Says Wega’s s Director Paolo Nadalet.

“Our machines are born from an idea, an intuition or, as we prefer to call it, a dream. They then become a project on which we work as a team, then finally a product that not only encompasses pure technology but also passion and the spark from which everything takes shape, a dream.

“To believe in one’s own project and to never stop dreaming: this is the way in which we interpret our work.”

Discover more on www.wegadreamreal.com

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