Wega Urban

Wega calls the new Wega Urban a “modern and aggressive” coffee machine resulting from the feedback of baristas and professionals from the world over.

This machines aims to satisfy every baristas need, in terms of functionality and ergonomics.

The design’s low and angled body allows greater interaction with the customer and reflects the machine’s urban spirit.

Wega says what makes this machine really unique, is its technical features, beginning with the Wega Power Boost function. This is particularly useful during busy moments when best performance is demanded of the machine.

The Wega Power Regulation technology maximises coffee extraction through careful temperature monitoring with a deviation of a mere 0.1 to 0.2 degrees. This precise, real-time diagnosis is made possible by boosted thermo-regulators.

Urban’s Wega Power Steam makes it possible to have a dryer steam in order to obtain improved consistency of the milk. This gets easily dispensed thanks to a dedicated knob operating with a swift and practical rotation of just 90°C. A cool touch stainless steel wand with double insulation can be used without the risk of scalding, speeding up the barista’s work.

Urban is part of Wega’s Green Line, characterised by four focal elements: Low energy consumption, self learning software, multi boiler technology, and high safety boiler.

The Wega Urban’s stainless-steel extractable racks placed under each unit allow the height to be reduced from 122 to 82 millimetres, the deep filter holders that can hold up to 21 grams of coffee.

The Easy-Touch glass and steel front panel covers the five-inch inner display and keypad, keeping them clean.

For more information, visit www.wega.it.

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