What is the most popular product in the Espresso Mechanics range?

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BeanScene talks to Espresso Mechanics about the popularity of its range, and why it has a device to suit every sector and sized business of the Australian hospitality industry.

Machine distributor Espresso Mechanics has been supplying the Australian hospitality industry with premium coffee equipment and support for more than 50 years.

And with the hospitality industry fully open for businesses following two years of sporadic lockdowns and density restrictions, Espresso Mechanic has a huge variety of equipment and services available to help businesses thrive in the ‘new norm’ of operation post-COVID.

When it comes to the company’s most in-demand equipment, National Business Development Manager Matthew Galea says it’s difficult to choose just one. The company is an importer of leading global coffee equipment including Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli and supplier of Barista Technology Australia equipment.

“The popularity of our coffee equipment varies on customer base and need. If a customer is more specialty focused, the Victoria Arduino range will guarantee coffee they can be proud of. Each product is crated to provide the optimal performance, design and precise controls desired by baristas,” he says.

“From our convenience sector we find there’s a high demand for Rex Royal’s bean to cup machines. For example, the Rex Royal S300 meets the highest standards for hotels, gastronomy, and self-service. The large touchscreen ensures an engaging experience, and the intuitive menu makes it very easy to navigate.”

Matthew says Nuova Simonelli’s range are also some of the company’s most popular pieces of equipment thanks to the Simonelli Group’s market reputation for engineering precision that improves workflow and ultimately saves time.

“When making coffee at home, Nuova Simonelli’s Oscar and Musica coffee machines offer compact convenience and simplistic design, featuring programmable volumetric shots, commercial grade parts, and ergonomic design,” he says.

The company is a total service provider, meaning its products come with adjacent services such as ongoing maintenance, training, and technical support at all hours of the day.

“We have a broad range of coffee equipment, from traditional coffee machines and grinders to fully automatic bean-to-cup brewing equipment and more. We provide constant technical support right across Australia. We’re a one-stop shop,” says Matthew.

“Our national capability of servicing and supplying our brands means we can cater to all markets, whether that’s a small café or a roaster.”

At Espresso Mechanics, Matthew says the company prides itself on its reliable reputation and the quality of its products and services.

“Our aim is to provide customers with services directed at their specific needs. We’re not just suppliers, we’re partners to our clients,” he says.

Matthew says the equipment that Espresso Mechanics supplies to the market provides consumers with consistency, reliability, and the ability to make a great coffee.

“Our clients know they can depend on us. We’re capable of delivering efficient results because we have extensive knowledge not only of our brands but the industry itself,” he says.

All Espresso Mechanic technicians are barista-trained with specialised knowledge to best support chain operator and office building operations as well as a café’s business needs.

“Our expertise includes traditional machines, super-automatics, water filtration systems and hot water/coffee bulk brewing systems,” Matthew says.

“We strive to provide customers with the best possible service and our reputation for being reliable and trustworthy is testament to our level of dedication.”

Matthew says this reputation is achieved in part due to stocking the latest technology available.

Last year, Espresso Mechanics became the exclusive distributer of the Perfect Moose automatic milk steamer thanks to a new partnership with Barista Technology Australia.

The Perfect Moose is a Belgium designed smart automated milk steaming system, intended to assist baristas during those busy times.

“Baristas are slowly moving towards automation in order to increase workflow efficiencies as well as the opportunity to engage more with their customers and having the Perfect Moose foaming your milk will give you that,” says Matthew.

From Nuova Simonelli, Espresso Mechanics Sales and Marketing Manager Carly D’Agostino says the range is suited to small and medium-sized cafés with the Appia Life from its MD on-demand range of grinders, which are best suited to high performance needs in little spaces.

“Our brands are tried and tested and have been around for many years. Our machines are trusted for world competitions and go through rigorous research and development before it leaves the manufacturers, so we know they will always satisfy our customers,” she says.

More than just a service supplier, Carly says Espresso Mechanics has become a trusted brand because it understands the needs of the Australian market, whether it be a small café, corporate customer, chain coffee or convenience station.

“For instance, for a coffee chain, we believe a Puqpress automated tamper would be really valuable as it would bring greater consistency and reliability to such a laborious task of tamping at high volume. Other automated products such as the Perfect Moose automatic milk steamer is another simple solution that removes texturing variables when working at busier periods,” she says.

Beyond the showroom floor, Espresso Mechanics has an inventory of spare parts that cover a wide selection of international brands.

“When it comes to ordering equipment or parts, we can provide our customers with same-day dispatch. We also offer installation and expert services such as advice on coffee machine filtration,” says Carly.

“All Espresso Mechanics-supplied equipment comes with a manufacture warranty as well as our ongoing services, including maintenance, technical support and emergency breakdown assistance.”

Carly says the company has several exciting launches on the way, such as Nuova Simonelli’s Oscar Mood domestic coffee machine, arriving in Australia mid-year.

“With a thermo-compensated and dispenser group, the Oscar Mood provides consistent, quality coffee pulls with its 1200 watts of power, combining a heat exchanger system and proportional-integral-derivative controller to ensure consistent results and thermal stability,” she says.

The company will also showcase new products from Victoria Arduino, which has a new Mythos launch involving its newest grinder. Carly says more information will soon be available from the Victoria Arduino Australia team.

After a challenging few years supporting its key customers through constant operating restrictions, Carly says Espresso Mechanics is eager for face-to-face interact with its consumers beyond supporting their technical needs.

“It’s been a crazy two years, so to be able to get out there and see our customers again is really important to us,” she says.

“We want to share what we’re planning with our customers. We can’t wait to showcase these new products on the world stage at the Melbourne International Coffee Expos in September.”

For more information, visit www.espressomechanics.com.au

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