Whiplash Café

Whiplash Café

Since launching Whiplash Café in June 2022, Jordan Faulker has built his brand at lightning pace. After more than a decade’s worth of hospitality experience, the café founder has made his foray into business ownership, using his industry insights and experience to convert an old milk bar into a café.

Tired of having to travel long distances to cafés he enjoyed, Jordan decided to fill a gap in Hawthorn’s hospitality market with a small, fast-paced coffee and food establishment.

“It’s not the sort of place you would usually walk into in Hawthorn,” Jordan says. “I definitely enjoy the small shops a lot more than the big sit-down cafés.”

The café distinguishes itself from the affluent neighbourhood’s dining scene by promoting a laid-back atmosphere. Cutlery isn’t provided. Customers order at the counter and grab their own water, with the café’s ethos written on its exterior wall: “make no apologies”.

“I’ve spent a lot of time working in places where the customer’s always right and you have to bend over backwards for them. I’ve just gone, ‘why?’” Jordan says. “This is what we are. Do what you do and do it well. Don’t apologise for it.”

A simple yet retro overtone permeates Whiplash Café’s aesthetic appeal. Floor-to-ceiling windows brings in plenty of natural light, and a lofty ceiling opens the space. Wooden accents brighten the interior which follows a natural white, black, and dark red colour palette.

The café’s menu features a range of bagel and sandwich options, complemented by its coffee range. Whiplash Café serves Veneziano’s Elevate blend, a medium-bodied coffee that’s smooth, and features notes of milk chocolate, cashews, spice, and a honey aftertaste.

“I like the coffee that I use because it’s easy-going and approachable,” Jordan says. “I also have single origins that I run for all my black coffees. I also do batch as well. I’ll change up the single origins every fortnight or so, and run something nice and clean.”

The café uses a three-group La Marzocco PB Linea ABR, two Mazzer grinders, a Mahlkönig EK 43 grinder, and an Übermilk automated milk frother.

Jordan’s endeavour has received support from those around him, especially his former boss and now café co-owner, whom he regards a mentor. Whiplash Café has also gained a lot of notoriety as a result of co-ownership investments from former and current AFL players.

“It’s been really hard to get to this point and looking back, it’s [been] pretty crazy,” Jordan says. “I think if you keep focused on what you want to do, then you can get there, and good things can happen. I’m super appreciative of the people I have around me and the team I have and what we’re growing. I’m very grateful for what I have.”

Whiplash Café

226 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122

Open Monday to Sunday 7:00am – 3:00pm

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