White Mojo launches the Black Latte

Just when you’d thought you’d seen it all – golden, matcha and blue algae lattes – there’s a new colour on the Melbourne scene.

White Mojo, located in Melbourne’s CBD and Balwyn, have created the Black Latte.

This drink consists of a smooth paste of stone ground black sesame seeds, peanuts and almonds, blended with steamed soymilk to produce a creamy and sweet deep charcoal drink.

White Majo Owner Ben Luo says his inspiration for the drink was a desire to create a diverse offering for the growing number of customers who prefer not to drink coffee, or who follow a vegan lifestyle.

“While the Black Latte looks great, our point of difference is that it actually tastes delicious and sweet too,” he says.

“We know there have been blue lattes and turmeric lattes on the market, but we believe that drinking a Black Latte will give a completely different experience. We have found that there is a demographic of people in Melbourne and Australia who are looking for alternative drinking options that steers away from coffee or tea, whether it be for health reasons, or just tasting preference. Being able to come up with a diverse offering is something that White Mojo has always prided [itself] on.”

White Mojo are no strangers to out-of-the-box ideas. First came the croissant burger, and now the Black Latte is set to start a spark a new trend in the Melbourne coffee scene.

To experience the Black Latte for yourself, visit White Mojo at 115 Hardware Street, CBD, and 182 – 184 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn.

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