Why Espresso Mechanics supplies Nuova Simonelli’s Oscar Mood

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Say hello to the Oscar Mood, the third generation of Nuova Simonelli’s semi-professional range designed to help savour precious coffee moments wherever you are.

Expos are a great occasion for brands to share new products, innovative technology, and the projects they’ve been tireless working on behind the scenes to benefit our industry. So when the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2022 rolls around in September, it will be the first time many people will see Nuova Simonelli’s new-release Oscar Mood.

“We’re really looking forward to presenting the Oscar Mood to the industry. Simonelli Group have really taken the Oscar Mood to the next level,” says Carly D’Agostino, Sales and Marketing Manager of Espresso Mechanics, the Australian distributor of Nuova Simonelli equipment.

“This new professional coffee machine is a major step up from the original Musica and Oscar domestic machines that Nuova Simonelli first launched, and another step up from the Oscar II that was released in the late 90s for domestic and professional use.”

This new model, designed to embrace elegance and comfort, is suited to home users, offices and anywhere that appreciates good espresso and milk-based beverages.

“This machine includes advanced technologies and features that are usually only found in large commercial coffee machines, but Nuova Simonelli have managed to work their magic and integrate it into the Oscar Mood,” Carly says.

The control panel incorporates a display of time, temperature, and pressure so that users can monitor extraction conditions. With its 1200-watt power, Oscar Mood incorporates a heat exchanger system and proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller technology to ensure temperature stability and consistent results. A professional pressure switch electronically controls the temperature in the boiler, while the integrated bypass regulates pressure.

Instead of a lever, the Oscar Mood controls steam with a push on/off steam-valve button. Carly says the steam wand nozzle is “quite powerful” but has great control to steam milk fast and consistently. The steam arm is also covered with cool touch anti-scald silicone.

When it comes to style, the new-look one-group Oscar has a colour to suit every mood and environment: black, red, taupe and guacamole. “The red and black are traditional and classy, the taupe is professional, and the guacamole is sure to impress all the avocado lovers in the country,” Carly says.

Each model comes with wooden filter holder handle, and new steel micropore mesh. Best yet, Carly says the Oscar Mood is compact enough to take anywhere you want.

“The two-litre water tank makes it really flexible to use and, after switching on, the machine is ready in just 15 minutes. All you need is water, power, tasty beans, and let the Oscar do all the work. A perfect coffee sets your mood for the day, and that’s what the Oscar is all about,” Carly says.

Behind the machine’s contemporary aesthetics is “a professional soul” that Carly says makes it possible for anyone to use the machine simply, quickly, and correctly.

“From the outside, the Oscar Mood offers creative flair to style your space, but on the inside, it’s working hard but effortlessly to produce the quality coffee you expect and demand from an Italian-made coffee machine,” Carly says.

The Oscar will take its place on the Espresso Mechanics stand at MICE2022. The machine distributor and service provider has been a long-time supporter of the event, attending each of its eight editions, and this year will be no different.

“MICE has always been our favourite coffee events and this year we continue to be one of the Platinum Sponsors to support continuing this fantastic event,” Carly says.

Espresso Mechanics will once again showcase its entire range, ranging from its traditional coffee equipment and grinders from the Simonelli Group. It will also display its fully automatic fresh milk, bean-to-cup range from Rex Royal, filter brewing units including hot water dispensing provided from Marco brewing systems group, Puqpress automated tamper, and auto-milk foaming system the Perfect Moose.

“We look forwarding to representing the many brands and products we embrace, and connecting with the industry after a long three years. We’ll bring the Mood ­– both the machine and our excited vibes of course,” Carly says. “See you there.”

For more information visit www.espressomechanics.com.au

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